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Mary Broussard Tours - Travel with a personal touch.

Miss Mary, a genuine gypsy at heart, has traveled an adventurous path in her lifetime. The first stint of her ongoing world wide tour began in 1959, when she left her hometown of Lafayette, LA, to get married in Yokohama, Japan, which was unheard of for a woman to do during that time period. For the next two years, Mary would experience the wonders of Japan, then relocated to San Diego for a year and a half, but eventually moved back to her hometown of Lafayette to return to her job in the world of banking where she worked for 28 years. During the last ten years of her career with the bank, she hosted a travel club which re-awakened the gypsy within her all over again. The travel club went everywhere, including cruises to Mexico, Canada, San Francisco, all the way to New Zealand... in essence, all around the world, even to Russia. The bank decided soon after that the travel club would not exist anymore and that's when Mary Broussard Tours was born. On January 3rd, 1992, she embarked on her new career. Mary knew that this was what she was meant to do in life and the rest is history. Mary has learned much from her travels, but has really learned that people from every walk of life and culture are more alike than different. Learning about different cultures has been truly a blessing and unique experience for Miss Mary. Mary admits that her husband is not the vagabond that she is, but he has been her backbone and support throughout the years and without him, she wouldn't have been able to achieve such success with her company. Fast Facts: Year Established: 1992 Owner(s): Mary Broussard and Gerald Broussard Number of Employees: 2 Did you know? Mary goes on an annual trip to New York during Thanksgiving. This year will be her 22nd year!! Company Philosophy: Travel with a personal touch